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It starts with a goal. Every goal needs to be deconstructed to identify the steps necessary to achieve the desired level of success. Whether it is being a more active individual, exploring new places, or pursuing performance goals there are two critical elements that I use to gauge success. The first is quantifiable improvement. This can be the transition from a sedentary state to a more active lifestyle, developing measurable improvement over past race performances, or exploring new race distances and environments. The second key factor is joy. Running has taught me how to connect with the natural world and to be fully immersed in a moment. It is in these moments I have found happiness and it plays a critical role in my running.

Program Options

Every athlete will begin with an assessment via phone/Skype call and questionnaire. This will be used to obtain running background, injury history, current goals, and gain a clear understanding of your unique life circumstances. The more I can learn in this phase the better equipped I will be to tailor a plan to you.

Coaching fee includes unlimited feedback or questions you have along the way through email, phone calls, texts, etc. This can range from what a given workout’s purpose is to strength training suggestions for runners to training and race day nutrition strategies.

Coaching Athlete Highlights:

• Dozens of 100 mile finishers including several podium finishes
• Boston Marathon Qualifiers both men and women
• Providence Half Marathon Winner
• Maine Half Marathon Winner
• USATF Top 25 Performance at Half Nationals
• USATF New England 5K Track Champion
• USCAA Track and Field National Invitational Team Champions
• Boston Hare Tracksmith Athlete
• USATF Cross Country Nationals Appearance

Customized Training Plan

Once we have completed the athlete assessment I will then develop a tailored training plan based on the information I gather for your given event. This plan will be re-evaluated on a weekly, and if needed, daily basis based on feedback. Factors that play a role in plan adaptation are: your response to the training and life outside of running.


◦ $90 Monthly (No monthly minimum)

NOTE: I have alternative pricing for collegiate athletes that have graduated in the past two years and for the high school and collegiate athletes looking for coaching in the summer.


Why Final Surge? Simple. It is a clean, effective, user-friendly way to deliver training plans. It also has a mobile app that allows you to have access on the go and great customer support.

Strength and Mobility

All athletes interested in incorporating strength and mobility work have access to a custom mobile training app that will have their workouts with a weekly schedule. All movements have video demos. This work can be tailored to whatever the athletes access to equipment is whether that is a full training facility or home gym.